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It is the latest Thailand drama. It aired on TV on the 18th of August 2023. Many viewers have been waiting for this drama to get aired for months. After airing on TV, it has received a remarkable viewers rating that is 8.0/10.0.

The only difficulty many fans face is finding the drama online and watching it for free. Although the drama is available on paid platforms. But the fans who cannot afford this service are lacking the incredible entertainment experience.

Are you also a fan of i feel you linger in the Air? You can watch i feel you linger in the air Youku streaming service. It is a free service that is available online. Sounds exciting? Find out more about this service right down!

Unvieling Key Facts About Youku TV

The Youku TV is a Chinese online streaming service. It is a popular streaming service. It offers its audience a variety of content such as dramas, movies, cartoons, animated content, etc. You can access the service for both the paid and free content. It offers paid content of higher quality while unpaid content of lower quality. But you can still watch all the content in 720p without paying a single penny.

Why Prioritize the Selection of Youku TV?

Youku TV offers a lot of benefits to its viewers. Some of the key benefits include:

High Responsive Platform

The Youku TV platform features the latest and advanced technology in the algorithm. This adds up to the quick responsiveness to the streaming service. No matter where you click or which option you retrieve. The Youku TV offers unmatchable speed in terms of responsiveness. You will not experience anykind of delay or lag in Youku services. The maximum responsive time is half a second. You can get an idea about the platform’s speed from this figure.

Mobile App Integration

You can use the mobile app to enjoy the Youku TV on mobile. Youku app offers many features similar to that you will get online. This way, the Youku enabled access to all of its content regardless of your location or position. You can pass the time at airports, bus stations or during the tour. This way, you can pass the long and boring journey quickly.

Support Syncing

You can integrate this platform with multiple devices such as the TV, Mobile, Laptop, and Tablet. This way, you can keep watching where you left off on any device. It makes you not to spend on any of the other devices. You can continue with what you have at hand.

Discount and Offers

The Youku TV offers periodic and frequent bonus offers and discounts. You can enjoy a 50% discount if you get a VIP pass. Instead of $5.99, you can pay only $2.99 per month. The option exists to get the same yearly and quarterly subscription discount. Unlike other streaming platforms, this is not the case. This way Youku stands out from the rest.



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