Best Recommended Straight Wigs for Different Face Shapes

Wearing wigs has become a trend in today’s fashion industry. It’s an easy way to change your look without damaging your hair. People wear wigs for different reasons: to protect their hair from harsh weather conditions or to enhance their beauty.

In this post, we will be discussing the best straight wigs for different face shapes. Straight wigs give you a sleek look that can complement any outfit. So, if you want to switch things up and try out a straight wig, keep reading!

Round Face Shape

A long, straight wig will be your best bet if you have a round face shape. The length of the wig creates a balance between the height and width of your face, slimming it down. A side part will also do you some good as it creates an elongating effect on your face.

Opt for a wig that extends past your shoulders, giving you the illusion of an elongated face shape. The straight, long blonde wig is our top pick for round-face shapes.

Oval Face Shape

Lucky for you, oval face shapes can rock any hairstyle. An oval face shape is symmetrical with a rounded hairline and jawline. Any straight wig length and part will complement this face shape.

However, a wig with a few layers is recommended to add volume and texture. Layers also create an illusion of more dimension on the face. Our top pick for oval face shapes is the straight, medium-length wig.

Heart Face Shape

For heart face shapes, the aim is to balance out the length of the forehead with the width of the jawline. A side part medium-length straight wig will give you this balance. Soft waves at the ends of the wig will create a roundness to your chin, creating an illusion of a less pointy chin.

This face shape looks good with a mid-length straight or wavy wig. Our top pick for heart face shapes is the straight, mid-length wig with slight waves at the ends.

Square Face Shape

Square face shapes have a strong jawline, perfect for sharp angles and parts. However, a straight wig that frames the face will soften these angles, providing balance to the face shape.

A chin-length straight bob wig with a deep side part will flatter square face shapes. This wig creates an elongating effect on the face while emphasizing the jawline. Our top pick for square face shapes is the straight, chin-length bob wig with a deep side parting.

Diamond Face Shape

For diamond face shapes, it’s all about creating a balance between the forehead and jawline while maintaining the sharpness of the cheekbones. A short, straight wig that hugs the face will emphasize the cheekbones, balancing out the face shape.

A medium-length straight bob wig with a side part will do the trick. Avoid a wig that adds volume to the crown, as it’ll reduce the face’s balance. Our top pick for diamond face shapes is the short, straight wig.


Straight wigs are perfect for switching up your look and complementing any outfit. When choosing a wig, consider your face shape to find a style that will flatter you. A simple change in wig length or parting can significantly affect how a wig looks on you.

Remember to maintain your wigs for them to last longer. With these tips, you can confidently rock your straight wig, knowing your choice was tailored to complement your unique facial features.



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