All You Need To Know About Frontal Wigs

Frontal wigs are a great tool for people who want to protect their natural hair from natural elements and style manipulation but don’t want to go for the arduous and let’s be honest sometimes painful process of sitting for a weave or Sew-ins. Besides, sew-ins or weave that leave some hair out at the base or along the hairline, still require styling of natural hair constantly to match the extensions. So, that protective hairstyle turns out to not be that protective after all.

Advantages of frontal wig

Full frontal wigs are headpieces with a lace or silk base with human hair handwoven into it to give you a natural and seamless look. As opposed to closures, which are a 4 x4 inch patch of hair in the front of the wig cap, these are fully knotted throughout the base cap so it can be parted wherever you want and moved around into different styles maintaining complete coverage from ear to ear. It blends completely into your skin therefore you can manipulate it like natural hair giving you various styling options (such as messy bun, high pony etc.).

A good frontal wig is a great investment in your beauty arsenal but there are various factors to consider and that can be confusing for beginner shoppers. There are a lot of great and affordable options on places such as hairs market.

So, let’s break it down to make your retail experience more efficient. There are three main things to consider when shopping for a full-frontal wig.


Frontal wigs come in all shapes, colors, sizes and styles. From short bobs to long waves or straight cuts. They can also be washed, cut, colored and styled like natural hair so it can be customized further to your preference. Therefore, when shopping for a wig, the key is to figure out your own style and personality and find pieces that go with your overall look. Before shopping it is important to answer these questions and match your wig to your general aesthetic and customize it as needed further down the line.


The wig cap serves a very important purpose of making sure that the wig stays properly affirmed to your head and blends seamlessly into your skin. It provides the necessary friction to ensure that the wig doesn’t slide around on your head without being too constraining for long applications. A well-built wig cap gives you the confidence to move the hair around without the worry of it falling weirdly or looking fake. Therefore, it is essential to opt for a properly constructed base cap rather than that one size fits all designs.

Synthetic or Human Hair

Perhaps, the most important decision when buying a wig is to determine whether you want synthetic or real human hair. Both options have their merits and fallbacks. While, human hair obviously looks more authentic it requires a lot more maintenance and are considerably less durable than synthetic hair which gives way more color options, is more affordable and need way less upkeep

Considering these options, go for the one you think best fits your specific needs.


Choosing a full-frontal wig may seem a challenging task considering all the various factors involved. All the choices between colors, cut and style may confuse novice buyers. However this list should help you narrow down your choices and help you find the wig that is best suited to your personal brand. The goal is to remember that they should enhance your personal style and give you freedom to play around with various styles with complete confidence.



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