6 Creative Ways to Use a Chest Bag

Chest bags (also known as fanny packs) are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, with fashionistas and influencers all over the world showcasing their favorite chest bags. Some brands have found success by having a celebrity wear their clothes in an Instagram post or being photographed shopping at the store. For example, various chest bags can be seen worn by celebrities like Kanye West, J. Balvin, Liam Payne, etc.

Indeed, chest bags can be incredibly useful for when you need your hands free—but there are also lots of other creative ways to use them. Here’s a list of six unique ways to use your chest bag!

How to use Chest Bags creatively?

1. As an On-the-Go Office

Are you someone who loves working on the go? If so, then use your chest bag as an on-the-go office! Dedicate one pocket for your laptop or tablet, one pocket for a notebook, and another pocket for pens and pencils. That way, you’ll always have everything you need to work at any moment.

2. For Traveling

Chest bags are perfect for traveling because they offer easy access to your passport and other travel documents, such as boarding passes or tickets. Not only that, but they’re also great for storing snacks or carrying around souvenirs you may pick up along the way. It’s like having a mini suitcase without all the bulk!

3. As a Mini First Aid Kit

Store small items like bandages or antiseptic wipes in case of emergencies in your chest bag. That way, if something happens while you’re out and about—like getting scraped up from a fall on the sidewalk—you will have what you need right at hand! Just check expiration dates regularly so that nothing goes bad before its time.

4. For Outdoor Activities

If you love camping or hiking, consider using your chest bag as an outdoor survival kit! Pack it with essentials such as energy bars, matches, sunscreen, and bug spray—just make sure not to store anything too heavy since it can get uncomfortable after wearing it for long periods.

5. As Everyday Essentials Pouch

Finally, if you don’t feel like carrying around a full purse daily, why not just bring the bare essentials with you in your chest bag? Store items such as cash, credit cards, and ID cards so they’re ready whenever you need them! You can even store headphones or phone chargers if needed.

6. As a fashion accessory

And, of course, chest bags can also be used simply for fashion purposes. Just like any other accessory, you can style them in various ways to suit your unique style. Pair them with other accessories like scarves, hats, or sunglasses for an on-trend look!


Chest bags are incredibly versatile pieces of accessory; there are countless ways to use them beyond just keeping our hands free! Whether it’s for traveling, as a fashion accessory, for everyday errands, or even for outdoor activities- there is something for everyone here when it comes to using our trusty old chest bags! So go ahead and get creative; who knows what else we could find uses for this little bag?



Boyce is a Creative Technologist and Design Engineer, with a passion for sharing knowledge and creativity. He spends his days developing teams of creative individuals in order to design solutions for various industries, such as healthcare, education, and hospitality.

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